sarahndipities (n.pl.): fortunate handmade finds!

*fun, funky, and functional crochet wear for all occasions!*

I believe life is about finding beauty in the unexpected!

I hope you will find something you love here in my little collection!

I love to create fun, funky, and functional crochet items! I love bright colors, soft textures, and retro styles!

I believe there is beauty to be found in the most unexpected things!

I love to create! Painting, sewing, crafting, and crochet have become my creative passions! I love sharing what I do with others...whether it's through making something special for someone else, or helping them learn a new skill...I love that I can make and share beautiful things! And most especially, I love that I get to do what I love and still be a mom to my five most incredible creations...my kids!

All of my products are made with the best quality materials, and with special attention to details, so you know you are getting something beautiful that will last!

There's a little something here for everyone! Enjoy!