Pinterest inspiration ~ Rainbow Waves Afghan

Good morning!

I thought I'd share another Pinterest Inspiration project with you today!

A while ago I came across this lovely pin:

I love the serenity and color of this pretty!

(ETA: Thank you to Jeannette​ for directing me to the proper link for the image!  You can find the original source HERE.)

Source: viaSarah on Pinterest


I knew immediately that I wanted to try making an afghan that had the same look to it.

And here's my take:

I worked the afghan in a simple shell stitch, to make the waves, changing colors every four rows.

Obviously the waves aren't quite as dynamic as the ones in the original, but I think that it still gives the same general feel.

I did a simple single crochet border around the whole afghan, which I think gives it a clean look, and doesn't take attention away from the ripples of color.

What do you think?

YARN: Caron Simply Soft yarn in Off White, Bone, Autumn Maize, Antique Rose, Strawberry, Persimmon, Autumn Red, Passion, Plum, Celestial, Blueberry, Ocean, Blue Mint, Sage, and Soft Green

HOOK: size N (9.00mm)

FINISHED SIZE: approximately 38" x 42"

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Hi Sarah, you can find the

Hi Sarah, you can find the original image here
Love your rainbow blanket!
Have a great weekend.

Your blanket is absolutely

Your blanket is absolutely beautiful. Stunning colours!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I love it!

It is beautiful. It does have

It is beautiful. It does have an undulating feel to it. Great interpretation.

Thanks beautiful. I really

Thanks beautiful. I really like how you transformed that from print to crochet.

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