Things to Make: Stashbuster Crochet Scarf - Free Pattern!



I have a problem.

I hoard yarn.


Ask anyone who knows me.  I am notoriously a neat freak...I can't stand piles of stuff and clutter.  Except when it comes to yarn.  I can't stand tossing out the little left over scraps after a project is finished.  So I end up with little bags of scraps of yarn like this:



It's sad really.

So I decided that I needed to find a way to use up my teensy little scraps, and odds and ends!



This simple scarf pattern can be used with any kind of yarn and any size hook!  The different materials you use give different results...but all are wonderful!  It's super fast and easy...and the scarves you make are great for gifts!!

As you can see the type of yarn you use totally changes the look of the scarf...but they all look fantastic!!



Materials Needed:

Yarn - any kind

Crochet hook - any size you like that you feel compliments your yarn choice

Yarn needle



ch = chain

sk = skip

dc = double crochet

st = stitch


Special Stitches:

Vst = dc, ch 1, dc in same sp

Shell = 5 dc in same sp

Ch 17.
Row 1:  Dc in 5th ch from hook (counts as 1st Vst).  Sk next 2 ch; Shell in next ch; Sk next 2 ch; Vst in next ch; Sk next 2 ch; Shell in next ch; Sk next 2 ch; Vst in last ch.  Ch 3 turn.
Row 2:  2 dc in 1st Vst.  Vst in top of next shell.  Shell in next Vst.  Vst in top of next shell. 3 dc in last Vst.  Ch 4, turn.
Row 3:  Dc in same st (counts as 1st Vst, now and throughout).  Shell in next Vst.  Vst in next shell. Shell in next Vst.  Vst in top of ch from previous row.  Ch 3, turn.
Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until desired length is reached.  
End on a Row 3 pattern row.  Ch 1, sc in same st; Sc in Vst; ch 2, sc in top of shell; Ch 2, sc in Vst; Ch 2, sc in top of shell; Ch 2, sc in last Vst.  Sc in top of beg ch from previous row.  Finish off, weave in ends.

You can leave the scarf long, or sew the two ends together to make a circle scarf or cowl!  You can add buttons or other embellishments if desired!  Have fun with it!

No more teensy balls of yarn and odds and ends!

You can download this pattern in PDF format by visiting my Craftsy Pattern Shop HERE!




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Awesome idea! I also have a

Awesome idea! I also have a "crochet corner"... a.k.a. a shelf FULL of yarn stashed in a million different places. It's so hard to part with the little leftover remnants! I definitely need to give this scarf a try sometime. :) Thanks for sharing!

PS--Love the new look of your blog! It's so clean, user-friendly and pretty. :)

Hey Sarah, this is an amazing

Hey Sarah,

this is an amazing pattern!! Thank you for sharing!
Must say I've missed a lot of posts due to the fact that when you changed blogs something happened and I have trouble opening / reading / seeing posts on the new one. I guess something changed because today I accessed it with no problems!


I;m so glad you can see

I;m so glad you can see things! I've been a bit slow on getting things going here...but I appreciate all the patience!!


I just love your stashbuster scarf! Trust me, you aren't the only one who can't manage to toss any little scrap of fibery goodness! I have jars of "sea pennies" I've made with mine..big, large jars. Maybe someday I will make them up into a table runner or couch afghan but in the meantime, they look pretty inside the jars.

TracyAnn from and

Hot pads made by crocheting scrap stripes of material

My grandmother use to make hot pads from strips of material that she crocheted. Do you have a pattern for that. Unfortunately I can't ask her for the pattern as she has passed along with my aunts that may have also known how to do it.


Stash Buster Scarf

These scarves would be good to put in the shoe boxes at Christmas time and given for the needy children. You could crochet them throughout the year. I love this pattern. Thank you!


I just crocheted two of these scarves. It's a fast and easy pattern. Now I want to make them out of different yarns like you did. Very cute!


I love the way this looks. But I'm confused with the pattern. I just started crocheting and sometimes (okay, often) have a hard time reading patterns. It's the second row. There aren't any chains between the shells and VST.Also when you crochet into the shell or VST, which stitch are you crocheting into? The shell has 5 stitches, which would i crochet into? If i crocheted this the way i read it, the second row would look odd.

Thanks very much,
Patti Evans

The pattern rows alternate,

The pattern rows alternate, and you crochet either in the ch1 space in the Vst OR into the 3rd dc of the shell. Hope that helps! :)

Thank you! I will try this!

Thank you! I will try this!


I seen the pattern and thought that this would be really cute for my granddaughters, especially my youngest one. It would also use up some smaller amounts to make it real colorful. Thanks

Thank you, I will try this!

Thank you, I will try this!

Love this pattern. So easy to

Love this pattern. So easy to do and looks great in any type of yarn. I made it in cotton (two strands together) for summer. Thankyou for sharing :-)))


This is my Go To scarf pattern for pretty scarves for myself or gifts. Thank you.

A very pretty pattern!

I am making a scarf with your pattern right now. It's a very pretty stitch pattern, and so quick to work up. I love it so much, I'm going to use it for a throw for my daughter as well. Thank you for sharing the pattern. :)

I really love this pattern.

I really love this pattern. I'm a beginner and just learning new patterns, all I was taught was single and double stitch by my grandmother. I have made lots if blankets for my kids. This is a quick and easy pattern. Thank you very much for sharing this.

how do you make this wider?

I'm new to crochet and would like to make this wider. What is the multiple formula to add width to it?

Thanks so much!!

Wider scarf

I too would like to know how to widen this. I would like to make it in to a shawl, like a prayer shawl. I don't have a stash but have lots of skeins that I think would look great in this pattern.

Thank you.

I too would like to know how

I too would like to know how to make this pattern wider. I am a beginner and would like to make the scarf wider or even as a shawl. Thank you for this beautiful pattern.

What is the multiple, please?

I'd also like to make this wider for a prayer shawl. Can you tell me the multiple of the pattern? Thank you so much.

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