Things to Make: Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms



 While the snow has still been falling here for the past couple of days, my thoughts have been turing to Spring.  I thought I'd share my tutorial on how to make Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms here!  


Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms


Materials Needed:

  • Pink tissue paper (I've used both hot pink and light pink)
  • Dead branches (I got mine out of the pile of wood pruned from the trees in the fall)
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Scissors


First, fold the tissue into squares about 3" big:


Next cut a five-petaled flower shape out of the folded tissue paper.  They don't have to be face I think they look a little more realistic if they're a little 'off.'


Layer two of the flower shapes on top of one another, so that you can see the petals of each showing.


Add a tiny dot of hot glue to the center of the flower, and gently scrunch it together.


Here's sorta what they should look like:


Next glue the blossoms onto the dead branch, in places where it looks like something might naturally sprout!


Ta-Dah!!  Instant Spring Blossoms!  And the best part is that the petals don't fall off and make a mess!

I've had these sitting in my bedroom for over a year now...and they still look lovely, too!



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