Things to Make: Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms



 While the snow has still been falling here for the past couple of days, my thoughts have been turing to Spring.  I thought I'd share my tutorial on how to make Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms here!  


Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms


Materials Needed:

  • Pink tissue paper (I've used both hot pink and light pink)
  • Dead branches (I got mine out of the pile of wood pruned from the trees in the fall)
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Scissors


First, fold the tissue into squares about 3" big:


Next cut a five-petaled flower shape out of the folded tissue paper.  They don't have to be face I think they look a little more realistic if they're a little 'off.'


Layer two of the flower shapes on top of one another, so that you can see the petals of each showing.


Add a tiny dot of hot glue to the center of the flower, and gently scrunch it together.


Here's sorta what they should look like:


Next glue the blossoms onto the dead branch, in places where it looks like something might naturally sprout!


Ta-Dah!!  Instant Spring Blossoms!  And the best part is that the petals don't fall off and make a mess!

I've had these sitting in my bedroom for over a year now...and they still look lovely, too!



I originally shared this post HERE.


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Eu amei seu trabalho , vou

Eu amei seu trabalho , vou começar a fazer e ganhar um extra, obrigada por compartilhar seu trabalho.

WOW! This is really

WOW! This is really nice!
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Glad to see the post. Hostsailor I am really interested in making paper flowers. Thank you so much for sharing this. Here they have shared the steps that help us to make a beautiful paper flower. It looks really awesome.


Just BEAUTIFUL! Approximately how big are the flowers that you cut out?

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Approximately how big are the flowers that you cut out?

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This looks like a great project for our classes on our sailing cruises in the Caribbean. It's a great time and this will add to things to do when we are in the middle of the ocean!

Simply beautiful

Wow.. looks very neat.. could you pls add a picture of how to 'cut a five-petaled flower shape out of the folded tissue paper.'?


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Great Gift Idea!

Wow these are so beautiful, and so easy to make! What a great idea for a Mother's day gift!
Clive |


This is very nice output so far. Thanks!


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They even look like real

They even look like real flowers! Nice work!

Beautiful and simple

Reminds me of when i was a kid and I had to use hot glue for some arts and crafts. Now i have to use hot glue (special kind) to repair pianos haha.

Cute. You can even do that as

Cute. You can even do that as a business. Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge. Love the responses. Is this considered as origami?


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beautiful tree

cherry blossoms are my favorite trees... sadly we do not have these types of trees in Hawaii but we have many other trees out here that you can check out!

Great post!

This is perfect for decorations at weddings, debuts, and also birthday parties. I never knew you could do cherry blossoms from just pink tissue paper. Thank you for sharing this.

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Love this

This reminds me of doing origami with my mom when I was a kid. I used to be able to fold the best cranes ever! Those were the days haha

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Hello Sarah,

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Excellent Decor

I really admire how you turned those tissue papers into a sort of art. I'm also grateful that you share the knowledge on how to create such an excellent decor. I will get back to this post and create my own soon. I now have a plan on how I will redecorate my room. Thanks!

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I made it!!

Layer two of the flower shapes on top of one another, so that you can see the petals of each showing
Add a tiny dot of hot glue to the center of the flower, and gently scrunch it together.

Great Art and Craftsmanship

You have shown a remarkable craftsmanship in creating those cherry blossoms made of tissue papers. Also, thanks for sharing us on how to perfectly create this cherry blossoms. Keep it up and keep sharing.

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Simple yet Amazing

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Cool Art

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Woow! I love this art. Thanks for sharing this


I'm reminiscing the past when I saw this post. It reminds me during the time when my best friend celebrated her debut. We made exactly the same cherry blossom art but the only difference is we use Japanese paper instead of tissue paper. The decoration stands out and the venue looks magnificent. Anyway, thanks for bringing those memories back and please click here and find out the best contractor to rely on when it comes to epoxy concrete repair in Westminster, CO.

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