What's New: Pretty Maids All in a Row

I've been working on a lot of fun projects over the past few months, but, as often happens with motherhood, my kiddos have taken a big chunk of my creating time! And I wouldn't have it any other way!

But now with school back in session I've been able to get back to the studio and work on some unfinished projects! (Which I will hopefully be posting about soon, and very often!!!)

One of the projects I've been sneaking in has included finishing a few of these precious little ladies! Each doll is comepletely hand-sewn and embroidered, and because I love coming up with all sorts of color combinations, each one is totally unique! 


I love the way these turned out! There is just something so loveable about Matryoshka dolls, and these ones, which are made of felt, are just so cuddly!

Their sweet little faces are just ready and begging for snuggly little kisses!  They make such a great personilzed gift for little ones! Let me know if you are interested!

You can find these finished dolls in my shop, Sarahndipities, by clicking HERE.

OR if you'd like to make one (or several!) for yourself you can also purchase my pattern, HERE!


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